Award Winners

Congratulations to the I2MTC 2015 Award Winners! 

I2MTC 2015 Overall Best Paper Award
Lulu Tian
for the paper entitled
Successive Approximation Method for the Measurement of Thickness Using Pulsed Eddy Current

I2MTC 2015 Best Graduate Student Poster Award
Yui Katsuragawa
for the paper entitled
Non-invasive Blood Pressure Measurement by Pulse Wave Analysis Using FBG Sensor

I2MTC 2015 Best Undergraduate Student Poster Award
Martin Pucher
for the paper entitled
An Autonomous Water Sampling and Monitoring Device for Deployment in Harsh Underground Environment

I2MTC 2015 Graduate Student Poster Award - Second Place
Fiona Edwards Murphy
for the paper entitled
Development of an Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network for Instrumentation and Analysis of Beehives