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Plenary Speakers

Keynote Speaker

Nigel Lockyer

"An open window on measurements in particle physics"


Nigel Lockyer began his tenure as director of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in September 2013. An experimental particle physicist, Lockyer spent more than two decades as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. His research focused on high‐energy particle physics using experiments at Fermilab’s Tevatron particle collider and the applications of particle physics technologies to medicine. In 2005 Lockyer became the director of TRIUMF, Canada’s national laboratory for nuclear and particle physics. Under his leadership, TRIUMF formulated a vision for ascending the world stage in nuclear physics, expanded its operations by 25 percent, developed strong partnerships among Canada’s major science laboratories and launched new international collaborations. Lockyer holds a Ph.D. in physics from The Ohio State University, is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and received the society’s 2006 Panofsky Prize for his leading research on the bottom quark.

Plenary Speaker

Jean-Charles Bolomey  

"Fast Near-Field Measurement Techniques for Characterization of Radiating Systems"

Jean-Charles Bolomey graduated Radio Engineer of Supelec, France, in 1963, and the Ph.D. degree from University Paris-Sud, France, in 1971. He is currently Professor Emeritus. Since 1981, his research has been continuously devoted to Near-Field techniques in a broad sense, including antenna measurement, EMC testing, RF dosimetry as well as Industrial-Scientific-Medical (ISM) applications. His contributions have mostly concerned measurement techniques. He has more particularly developed and promoted the modulated probe array technology and has coauthored with Prof. F. Gardiol a reference book on principles and applications of the Modulated Scattering Technique (MST). He is the holder of several patents covering various MST probe array arrangements for microwave sensing and imaging systems. To valorize his patents, he founded the microwave vision company SATIMO in 1986. He has actively contributed to several cooperative European programs ranging from medical hyperthermia to industrial process tomography. He has been also involved in industrial applications of microwave heating and in the field of High Power Microwave metrology. He is now continuing his research as visiting Professor at UPC Barcelona on load-modulated scattering antennas and novel sensing applications of RFID-based technology. He is contributing to several Scientific Advisory Boards of European Institutions and startup companies. Prof. Bolomey is Fellow of IEEE and was appointed as Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (2011-2013). He is also Fellow of the Antenna Measurement Technique Association (AMTA) from which he received the Distinguished Achievement Award “for his pioneering activity in the field of modulated probe arrays” (1991).

Plenary Speaker

Carlo Carganico

"Measurements for Certification of Railway Systems"


Carlo Carganico, graduated in Electronic Engineering at the University Politecnico of Milan in 1977, began his activity in the Information Technology field (Honeywell Information Systems) and automatic tool machinery (Innocenti Santeustacchio) where he acquired the basic knowledge in developing microcomputer based products and systems. Then he spent more than ten years in the field of process control automation, belonging to an international group of companies (Bailey Controls) and keeping different responsibilities both in Italy and Europe as well as in USA. In 1993 joined FS as responsible of product certification. He then spent two years in Brussels as Managing Director of ERTMS Users Group and later on he has been responsible of ERTMS implementation on the high speed line in Italy as R&D Manager.

In the following years Carlo Carganico has been responsible for safety approval of electronic systems and TSI conformity certification at RFI, Technical Direction Department. He has approved different manufacturer’s interlocking systems, axle counters blocking systems, ERTMS level 2 systems, ATP and ATC systems for conventional lines, plus other safety related custom devices for the Italian Railway network.

Since April 2007 Carlo Carganico is President and CEO of Italcertifer SpA, Notified Body n. 1960 for high speed and conventional lines directives subsystems. Since 2010 the Company is operating in many countries outside of Italy and even Europe, acquiring important contracts in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Australia, Poland, and many other countries, becoming really a global player in the field of “third party assessment” for the railway and metro sector.